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What's the difference between Watermargin, Inc. and Watermargin Co-operative?

Watermargin was established in 1947 by a group of World War II veterans who shared the purpose of promoting understanding between people of different races or religious affiliations. Over the years, the focus has expanded to encompass all intergroup relationships. To this end, Watermargin encourages its members to participate in the educational program which includes workshops, lectures, films, discussions, and other events addressing a multitude of subjects. Past speakers brought to Cornell by the Education Program include Eleanor Roosevelt, Langston Hughes, Malcolm X (in a debate with James Farmer over segregation), Margaret Mead, Norman Thomas, and Marian Anderson. More recently, the Education Program cosponsored a talk by Scott Ritter, former UN chief weapons inspector and Howard Zinn.

Watermargin has 23 single rooms filled with undergraduate and graduate students from different backgrounds. The house has a large kitchen, large porch, laundry facilities, color TV, pool table, air hockey table, wireless internet, and a fireplace. Members share responsibilities which include cooking, cleaning, and running the house. Interested persons are invited to participate in Watermargin prior to applying for a room by becoming nonresidential members or by joining the meal plan. For more information about the nonresidential member program, the meal plan, or the housing lottery, please call (607) 272-9441 or 272-3691.

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